Mentorship Program


The mentorship program was established to pair students with experienced professionals from the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication’s Advisory Board and other contacts in the Multicultural Marketing industry.

The mentor becomes a contact for the ‘mentee’ who can provide a realistic vision and exceptional wisdom in the field. Mentors can serve as great resources for those just starting out or close to entering the “real-work world”. Mentees should be able to receive career advice, insider tips, and perspective from their appointed mentors.




 Student Feedback

  • Mentor: Isaac Mizrahi, Alma DDB Vice President
  • Student: Maria Tamayo, Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s Graduate currently working as a Clinique Marketing Coordinator in Miami, Florida

“It has been a privilege to participate in the mentorship program offered by the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication. I am confident that the advantages presented by this program will facilitate my success in my future career. My mentor, Isaac Mizrahi (Vice President of Alma DDB) has provided me with knowledge about the industry and invaluable advice that has accelerated my professional growth.

My mentor and I schedule one hour phone conferences monthly. I look forward to our conferences because he clarifies all of my inquiries and advises the best ways that I can achieve my goals. I am able to learn from his professional success and experiences throughout his career. In addition, we discuss ways I can get ahead as a professional and differentiate myself from the competition when applying for a job. Overall I am very grateful to be aided by such a renowned professional and will always cherish this experience.”

  • Mentor: Stephen Palacios, Cheskin Executive Vice President
  • Student: Michelle Orrick, Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s Graduate currently working as an Assistant Account Planner at Bromley Communications in San Antonio, Texas

“The mentorship program has been an invaluable resource for me as I prepare to enter the work force. I was paired with Stephen Palacios, of Cheskin, who offered professional advice from his many successful years in the industry.

Mr. Palacios has offered me insight into the daily activities of the consumer research arena and provided me with constructive feedback on my work. More importantly, he has helped me realize which elements of agency life would best fit my talents and interests. He has gone above and beyond his duties as a mentor in expanding my professional network by introducing me to other successful professionals in the field. Without this experience I would not have the career direction I have now.”

  • Mentor: Monica Morales, formerly Dr Pepper Snapple Group Hispanic Brand Manager
  • Student: Cindy Stewart, Mass Media Studies Undergraduate Student

“Having a mentor through the FSU Center of Hispanic Marketing Communication has helped me find experiences in communications media that I truly enjoy. My mentor has helped me pinpoint a desirable career path in the communications field, by prompting me with questions about what I enjoy most in the media to what I see myself doing with my work in the future. Conversations about my interests and possible careers have led to suggestions by my mentor on activities I should become involved with that will lead me to my professional goals.

In addition, my mentor has assisted me in improving work at my internship, with advice on how to complete my tasks more efficiently and make the most of communication with my supervisor. The mentorship program is simply amazing if you want that extra boost in finding your way towards the communications work you would love to have.”

  • Mentor: Mark Lopez, formerly the Terra Networks Chief Operating Officer until November 2010 when he became the Head of U.S. Hispanic Audience at Google
  • Student: Celeste Eberhardt, Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s Graduate currently working as an R\GA Interactive Associate Producer in New York City

“The mentorship program has been very useful for me in these last few months. Finding myself crossing the lines between an internship and real work, I have had the privilege of having a successful professional, Mark Lopez, who understands me and wants to help me as I move ahead.

My mentor did much more than just giving me professional advice– he helped me clarify what I want for myself and which may be the best ways to achieve my goals. The mentorship program enriched my understanding of the business and was a great way to get real answers to my questions, both general ones (like how agencies differ amongst themselves) and personal ones (like how should I approach my supervisor about getting a job). Participating in the program has been extremely rewarding and I have no doubts that it will continue to be so as the time goes on.

  • Mentor: Adrien Lanusse, formerly the Cheskin Cultural Insights Studio Leader until September 2010 when he became the Netflix Director of Consumer Insights
  • Student: Karol Vargas, Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s Graduate currently working as a Telemundo Affiliate Marketing Coordinator in New York City

“Participating in the mentorship program has been a great experience! As a student transitioning into the workforce, particularly in the Hispanic marketing industry, I was fortunate to be paired with Mr. Adrien Lanusse. He is a professional in the field working at Cheskin who has over 10 years of experience in multicultural research and consumer behavior.

My mentor has provided me with countless advice regarding the industry, directed me to niche Hispanic market resources, and has been supportive when I was looking for employment in New York City, where he is currently based. Now that I graduated and am working in NYC, Adrien and I continue our mentor relationship and we meet to discuss new industry findings. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that the FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication has offered me, especially with the mentorship program; this has proved very beneficial for my professional career.”

  • Mentor: Geoff Godwin, Marketing Vice-President for Emerson Technologies
  • Student: Julio Valeriano, Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s Graduate, formerly interning at Fleishman-Hillard International Communications Digital & Hispania and currently working as an Account Executive at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in Washington D.C.

“Being connected with Geoff Godwin as my mentor has been an honor and tremendous learning experience! Mr. Godwin’s expertise and advice has helped me to gain a broader perspective of the marketing field. As a marketing executive, he has provided me with valuable information about his role within Emerson Technologies and insights on the ways his company reaches different target audiences.

Mr. Godwin has been an excellent role model and resource when applying for internships. His input on how to improve my cover letter, resume, and online portfolio was instrumental in obtaining an internship at Fleishman-Hillard International Communications in New York City. He has always shown a deep concern for my future career steps and admiration for what I have accomplished.”


Find more information about the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication Mentorship Program I created and how to apply at:

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