Focus Group Tips & Templates

Steps, tips, & templates to help with focus groups…

STEP 1: Read these tips
• Focus Group Tips
from Account Planning Course (Word Document)

STEP 2: Set a date/location/RSVP deadline and recruit focus group participants. 
Here is a sample letter template geared towards FSU Career Center recruiting employers:
• Focus Group Participant Recruitment Letter- Employer Sample
(Word Document)

STEP 3: Determine a plan of what will be the focus group’s main purpose, goals/objectives, and discussion topics. (Word Document)
• Focus Group Proposal Outline Sample (Word Document)

STEP 4: Create a discussion guide with questions based on main topics about which you would like to gain insights during your planned focus group.  Below are a few examples for different target audience members/attending focus group participants:
• Career Center Student Perceptions Feedback
(Word Document)
• Career Guide Student Feedback (Word Document)
• Employers and Recruiters (Word Document)

STEP 5: After focus group has been conducted, don’t forget to send a thank you letter to participants!  Here is a sample template:
• Focus Group Participant Thank You Letter
(Word Document)

STEP 6: This is the most important part…putting together your key findings, recommendations, and uncovered insights!  Below are links to samples formatted as a…
• Report with comments about how FSU Career Guide focus group recommendations were incorporated
(PDF Link)
• Presentation breaking down FSU Career Center key insights and recommendations (PDF Link)

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