Account Planning

To view account planning projects, please download below:

FALL 2007
Account Planning- Graduate Course
Energy Drink Consumer Insights from Interviews (Group Project)
A key role of account planners is to uncover consumer insights.  In this course, my group and I conducted interviews to reveal perceptions about the energy drink market and specifically about the Rockstar Juiced product line.  We chose this brand because we felt it had low brand awareness and that advertising could play a key role in increasing sales.  Our presentation states interview objectives, questions, discussion guide, findings, and conclusions for the Rockstar Juiced brand.
Rockstar Energy Drink Logo

Energy Drink Findings and Insights from Ethnographic Activities (Group Project)
My course group and I employed several ethnographic methods to reveal consumer perceptions about the energy drink market.  This presentation uncovers insights and implications for Rockstar energy drink marketers based on activities conducted, such as a blind taste tests, personification, and sentence completion of different energy drink brands.
Energy Drink Competition

Rockstar Juiced Energy Drink- Final Strategy Paper (Individual Report)
Throughout the semester, my group and I determined consumer insights about the Rockstar Juiced energy drink product line.  After various consumer interviews and ethnographic activities, we conducted a focus group followed by a class debriefing.  This paper is the compilation of all our key findings, observations, and my individual suggestions for marketers to help promote the Rockstar Juiced brand.

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