Multicultural Marketing Research

To view multicultural marketing research projects, please download below:

Multicultural Marketing Communication- Graduate Course
African-American Demographic Research Presentation (Group Project, PDF)

Research findings presented about the African-American consumer demographic.
African American Experience

Multicultural Marketing- Background Research and Report Ideas (PDF)
Support for my background research idea proposals to study “Cultural Groups and Their Music Genre Preferences” or “Multicultural Color Preferences’.

Multicultural Marketing- Survey Research Proposal (Group Project, PDF)
My graduate course group and I narrowed down our individual research topics and created questions that were included in a survey of over 2,300 respondents from various multicultural groups, including: African Americans, Asians, Non-Hispanic Whites, Hispanics who responded to the questionnaire in English, and Hispanics who responded to the questionnaire in Spanish.
Diverse Cartoons

‘Studying Multicultural Color Preferences’ (Individual Research Report, PDF)
I created survey questions to study my selected research topic of ‘Multicultural Color Preferences’ among U.S. ethnic populations and determine some advertising implications.
Color Image

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