Hispanic Marketing Research

To view Hispanic marketing projects, please download below:

FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication (Group Research Project)
‘Hispanic Cultural Themes & Marketing Insights from Popular Latin Music’ (PDF)

• Presented at the 2nd Annual Texas State University State of Spanish Media Conference
• San Marcos, Texas • February 20, 2009.
Hispanic Music

FALL 2005
Hispanic Marketing Communication- Undergraduate Course

‘How Guilt Affects the Lives of Hispanics’ (Article published on Hispanic Ad.com)
This article was published November 23, 2005 on HispanicAd.com.  It discusses how and why guilt tends to affect Hispanics differently compared to other cultures.  After shedding light on this topic, potential implications for marketers are discussed in the article’s conclusion.
Hispanic Ad.com Logo
Hispanic Market Client Analysis Presentation (Group Project, PDF)
Group presentation analyzing the Hispanic juice and yogurt product lines of the chosen company client, Johanna Foods Incorporated.  We determined the primary market competition and target Hispanic consumers.  Additionally, we identified problems and future opportunities for these products to promote themselves.
Johanna Foods Logo
Hispanic Beverage Preferences Industry Report (Individual Research Project, PDF)
Students wrote individual research reports on a market category of their choice related to consumption by U.S. Hispanics.  I focused on the most popular beverages that U.S. Hispanics purchase and consume, as well as determined implications for marketers based on this market’s preferences.
Goya Products

Kerns Product Line

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